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Yoga studios in Mexico City

For those who are looking for a place to practice yoga, relax or meditate in this chaotic city, here it goes some tips of great yoga studios and teachers that I’ve already practiced.

Of course the first option would be to practice with me in my little cozy shala in Polanco and you could also enjoy a vegan brunch after practice 😄

Then after that if you still wanna try some different studios and teachers, these are the ones I recommend:

AgoraLucis (Polanco): one of the most adorable yoga spaces in CDMX. They have their yoga studio, a small shop where you can find everything for your yoga practice and an Ojo de Agua (famous Mexican healthy restaurant) inside there. Practice with Leonardo Favela and you’ll leave so inspired by his energy and wisdom, as well as have great adjustments.

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Green Yoga: they have 5 locations in DF (Polanco, Condesa, Roma, Juárez, Navarte and Santa Fé). I really recommend Vilma Saldate’s restorative classes and Paty Abbad both Vinyasa and Yin Yoga classes in Condesa.

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Samadhi Studio (Lomas de Chapultepec): nice studio in a chic residential neighborhood in the city, near Parque Chapultepec V Sección. They have teachers who teach here and in other studios listed on the post, but I really recommend Anna Pao Covarrubias’ class with a genuine Vinyasa Flow.

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Tetetlán Conciencia (Jardines del Pedregal): a beautiful studio inside Tetetlán, a center for art, food, culture, books and wellness located in “Casa Pedregal” one of the houses built by Luis Barragán, the famous mexican architect. Just because of that, it is worth the visit.

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Blanco Yoga (La Roma): for those who are looking for Dharma Yoga teachers, here is the place. Adriana Cabrera is a great teacher with a discipline that inspire us a lot. For Ashtangis, I recommend Zaira Gómez who is AL II. Ps: just to let you know that it’s not a good studio in terms of good rooms and space compared to AgoraLucis, but in the end that’s not our goal on yoga 😉

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