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I am Caroline, a Psychologist who worked for many years with Human Resources in International Investment Banks, but always had my heart connected to yoga, plant-based cooking and a sustainable way of living. 

After dealing with some internal conflicts during my corporate life, in the busy city of São Paulo, I finally decided to follow my heart and head to Bali to study yoga and vegan culinary.

Right after, life brought me to Mexico City, where I could idealize and put in place some projects in the field, while conciliating teaching and cooking in events in Italy and Brazil. 

In 2019, I moved to Portugal, where initially worked as chef for “My Mother’s Daughters”, a plant-based restaurant in Lisbon. Now, I keep managing plant-based cooking and yoga classes and workshops, with great focus on retreats and private events. 

Join me in this natural living journey! It will be my pleasure to be part of your transformation.. Namaste!


About: Sobre mim
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