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Best natural wine bars in Venice

Ok, I was in Italy so it should have some natural wine bars in the city, but never imagined that I would find so many options and I am happy to share with you my favorite ones. Note that they are all very local places and you will find many Venetians having their cicchetti and glass of wine.

Cantina Arnaldi: the owners (Katia and Andrea) were always there and were very kind. The wine selection and the quality of the food ingredients are both great! If you stay there for a while, you will definitely start chatting with some locals!

Adriatico Mar: I was lucky (or not) to experience the high tide flood – “acqua alta” – in Venice. And in one of the days that I couldn’t get out on the street because the water was high on my knees, I got stuck in Adriatico tasting all the natural wines by glass they had available with some other locals. Then headed to Cantina Arnaldi, on the same street, again.

Vino Vero: difficult to say which one I’ve preferred, as each of them has its particularities, but sitting out by the canals and near the water is a plus in my view, so that’s why Vino Vero has a special place in my heart. And their orange wine availability is incredible.

Baccareto da Lele: not a natural wine bar, but a perfect place for meeting locals and buying the cheapest glass of wine (something around 1€, believe me). When I was there I’ve met a Venetian couple that I had already met in Cantina Arnaldi. They were so friendly that I’ve stayed with them for the whole afternoon exploring the city.

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