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Ubud Restaurants

Ubud is definitely heaven on Earth for vegan and vegetarians. If you are confused or lost with so many options and don’t know where to start, I can help you.

I stayed in Ubud for 40 days to take a Yoga Teacher Training and, still did not visit all the restaurants on my list.

Of course, there is always that one that you want to go back to and if possible ask for the same incredible dish. I was truly committed with my list goal but I obviously have my favorites and I’ll share with you 🙂

I hope you have the chance to visit and then tell me about your experience!

Highlights: beautiful view and decor.

Ask for: dragon fruit carpaccio for dessert.

Highlights: great vibe with nice music and the desserts are incredible.

Ask for: salmon gravlax and a cheesecake.

Highlights: their cooking book (buy one!).

Ask for: pizza and banoffee pie.

Highlights: the rice field view.

Ask for: curry when you are there for lunch/dinner, and tempeh scramble for breakfast.

Highlights: Ashtanga Yoga studio on the second floor

Ask for: raw lasagna

Highlights: local restaurant, the food is comfy (bali-japanese fusion) and the service is lovely.

Ask for: veggie dumplings and rolls.

Highlights: gluten free breads (buy one and take with you)

Ask for: jackfruit curry and buy one of their gluten free breads.

Highlights: great for juices, smoothies and bowls.

Ask for: raw cocoa and cashew bowl.

Highlights: architecture and their natural products store next to the restaurant

Ask for: vegan kitchari and nasi campur

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